TD 2-3

TD-2 & 3

Friday July 8, 2005

Training is progressing at amazingly fast pace. Was great confusion on meals yesterday. Most of my flight did not get lunch and with errands and work to accomplish, we skipped dinner. But snacks are fine. We have our first physical fitness diagnostic tomorrow at 0500. Sunday we are buttoning down as hurricane Dennis comes through. This may very well impact our training schedule and cause us to loose free time over the next weekends. The pace is amazingly quick and the curriculum in my opinion is of a superior nature and very pertinent to the task at hand in forming Air Force officers.

I am very pleased with our flight, as it appears to me that we are getting our act together in good time. I remain most impressed with our flight commander in his professional and supportive decorum which he exhibits toward us.

The program is very heavy on academics and application of theory as well as development of basic military skills and bearing. There are lots and lots of young men and women who have no prior experience at all. I am amazed at how well they are developing already to the high standard of expectation leveled upon us.

There is one other chaplain in my flight, a reserve officer who has been in for 1 year, so he has some prior experience with the military as well.

I continue to be pleased by the fact that I am able to bring to bear my previous experience in both ministering to people and in the military to help my flight continue to make the transition.

I have hardly had time to speak to my wife for more than a minute or two on the phone. Hopefully, as the entire class becomes more organized, we will be able to have more time for these types of things with proper time management.

I find that I am quite rusty on some things like marching, but other things, like military bearing, return as second nature. I am beginning to enjoy the experience, and not just be stressed out by the expectations. I wish that factors beyond our control were not causing difficulties with our schedule, but God determines the weather. All in all, I have confidence the staff here will get this class to graduation giving us the tools and resources necessary to accomplish our mission.

God's richest blessings to all.