Month of August

I have to say that this month has flown past. On the 29th of July I departed Maxwell AFB to arrange for movement of my household goods to Andrews AFB near Washington DC. The past weeks have been very busy unpacking, going through in processing, and getting established with the chapel. Our chapel team is in great transition at the moment with the arrival of a new wing chaplain and with the absence of several of our chaplains TDY to various places. In addition we are loosing several seasoned enlisted folks with a few more losses to come soon. I have been impressed by the professionalism of the staff and look forward to working with them.

This week was my first week of being more or less on the job. I had several walk in counseling sessions that reminded me just how important the chaplain is not only for the lives of people but also for helping to maintain the operational readiness of the various units. I'm looking forward to getting settled into a work routine once all the appointments associated with in processing are completed.

My family is acclimating well to the new area and new life.