Help on the way

Thursday I rose early while darkness still cloaked the base and donned my uniform to go out and provide encouragement to some very young men and women who are at this very moment reaching out to people devestated by hurricane Katrina. Work continues there, and Andrews people are right in the middle of it. I visited and prayed with some folks from one of my squadrons who volunteered to go forth into the midst of it all. Some are food service folks; there was even a mortuary support person. Brave, determined to make a difference, and young -- we sent them forth to represent our community and to help those who are beyond being able to just help themselves. Keesler AFB is testimony to what trained military professionals are able to do. They are still digging themselves out -- but already they are providing significant support to the people around them. And they are getting help from all over the Air Force. Some of our medical folks are there. Other bases have sent chaplain teams there to help people deal with the emotional trauma. READ more about it

This Sunday, our the worshipping community on base will take a collection that will specially earmarked for our brothers and sisters in arms at Keesler whose homes and possessions have been wiped out.

I am preparing for two significant events coming up for me personally. First my endorser, the representative of my church body who says yes - send Reedy, will visit with my chain of command. And secondly, I have been tasked with attending special training related to add to my counseling skills to hone them for a military environment later in September.

And Sunday, we remember 9-11. The horror, the heros, the cost, the struggle, and the call to honor those who serve and those who gave all. Pray for our airmen, our soldiers, our sailors, our marines, all who wear the uniform and go in harms way. Pray for safety and pray for peace.