Flight with 1st Heli

I was invited recently to fly along with 1st Heli, our DV helicopter transport squadron here at Andrews. I was extremely impressed by the hospitality and professionalism of the crew. Below are some shots from the flight.

Here I am sitting in the passenger section of the Huey that we will fly on.

We often call these choppers "blue and whites" for their distinquishing color.

The seats are a little nicer than most hueys and there is a semblance of carpet, but they are just as loud & vibrate just as much as the standard huey military transport. You'll notice my headphones on the seat next to me. Without these there would be no way to hear & communicate. These babies are loud!

This is a shot of the stratankers of the 459th Air refueling wing that is stationed here at Andrews.

This is the East runway.

The 459 is an Air National Guard unit. The Air Force is truly going "Total Force". No longer are the Guard and Reserves taking a back seat nor are they a second rate service compared to the active duty. Their service to our nation is first rate!

Here is a shot of Chapel 1, where my office is and where I conduct the formal worship service at 1100 on Sundays and in the stead of their chaplain who is deployed, the 0830 informal worship as well.

There is an excellent little coffee shop in its basement of the building next door by the way!

Here is a shot of the flight line.

You can see one of our heavies sitting in the background. These are the aircraft bringing in the wounded from Iraq.

Here you can get an idea of the coloring of our aircraft.

Notice too that we are in BDU uniform. We are a service at war. The battle dress uniform has become the standard uniform for daily wear. We anticipate having a new battle uniform to replace this soon.

Here you can see some of the typical housing on base.

I live in a duplex in the neighborhood below.