A busy Day

Thursday 28 September was quite a busy day here at our base. Our staff was working to pack up our equipment in our existing offices to move to new facilities in our new chapel building when the building shook to an explosion somewhere off base. This is a common enough occurence that I'm getting used to this. But in the afternoon there came another very large boom and concussion wave that struck and truly rattled our building. A very large VBIED (Vehicle Board Improvised Explosive Device)went off near the base not far from our from our location at the time. I and my fellow chaplain quickly made our way to our hospital. I was truly relieved that our Security Forces were ok, many of whom I've gotten to know over the past few weeks. Later that night our team went out to visit these security troops as they came off duty and also with the ones replacing them. Then early Friday morning before sunrise I was out again, this time accompaning the First Sergeant to call upon one of our Security Forces troops who had a family member pass away.

Friday we made substantial progress in getting our offices back up and running, though our lounge area is still down due our needing to get adapters for cable and power for our equipment and coffee bar. The morning was also spent in visitation of our Operations Support Squadron meeting the folks who manage our airfield operations and getting a tour of their workspaces in and around the flightline.