Wednesday December 15th

In a few short hours we will kick off our holiday celebrations with a tree lighting. Evergreen trees are a bit scarce here, so we built one out of camoflogue netting. It looks good, really.

Thanks to the Walcholz's from back in Tennessee. Your Little Debbie cakes arrived today just in time for tonight's celebration. These are holiday themed cakes and will be a special treat.

Last night we had an alarm that had us taking cover in case of something coming in over the perimeter that makes noise and light in the night. The chapel was full of folks so I broke out my stress reliever, my wife's homemade fudge from home. A whole slab of chocolate peanut butter fudge. There was not a drop left. We lay on the floor eating fudge, reminiscing of holidays past, listening to Christmas carols, and ready for anything else that might come our way. Nothing did thanks to the work of some really great folks.

Today a very sweet lady from the midwest sent me a copy of Country magazine. Now that brings back memories of when I lived in Tennessee while in college and special holiday celebrations with friends and families. All over the base are little reminders from decorations, to pictures, and all sorts of memorabilia where people are triggering their memories of loved ones and making home feel not quite so far away.

12 days to Christmas. HooAhhh! as Big O would say. Gotta be here to get that one.