Hails and Farewells

It has been a nice relaxing week as I have been on leave all week.

Last Friday the staff at Andrews had a going away party for myself and another departing chaplain. We had an Italian themed lunch and a chance to visit together for some time. I will miss working with these fine individuals. As I shared with them, it was a great time, but I could not have accomplished the ministry and work without them. I have greatly appreciated the leadership of my seniors and the dedicated assistance of our enlisted staff as well as working on the team with our fellow chaplains.

The Sunday before, my worshiping congregation bid farewell to me and my family. I will be back to visit though and do occasional preaching. I'm already headed back the 23rd of this month. These are just a fine bunch of folks, quite a diverse group, all united through a history of military service and a love and appreciation for the Gospel.

Monday I'll be jumping into Arlington. It will be a fast paced week. Lots of learning to do and I suspect I'll be spinning up fast. Hopefully my uniforms will be ready by mid week. I don't relish the though of doing funerals in wool dress uniforms in this heat wave we are having. The ceremonials are a bit more friendly in such an environment. But you do what you have to do. I admire the honor guard because they are out there every day all day in the heat, rain, or cold always rendering crisp honors for their fallen comrades. Truly admirable service.