Saturday I had the privilege of assisting with the laying of a wreath in memory of the 90th Bomb Group, the Jolly Rogers, at the grave site of its former commander at Arlington. I truly enjoy the opportunities to visit with and talk to these incredible veterans of World War II, though in many cases it is the widow who comes as their husband has passed. It is humbling to think that too soon the last veterans of the great conflict that ushered America truly onto the world stage will have passed away and only memory and legacy shall remain. But that is true of us all.

I have been quite busy preparing for my upcoming TDY to Maxwell. Last week I was incredibly surprised to learn that I had been selected to attend Squadron Officer School in residence in November-December. The selection process is competitive and it is a true honor to have been chosen to be the first to attend this fiscal year to represent the 11th Wing. I have stepped up my physical conditioning program as well as started diving into provided course materials so I can hit the ground running. The school is a five week training evolution designed to teach and test leadership in an environment of intentional pressure and stress. I suspect it will go quickly.