Escort Duty

I had the distinct pleasure of providing support for this year's Senior Statesman Symposium once again. Held at Bolling Air Force base, this symposium gathers the retired 4-star officers of the Air Force together. As I looked across the conference room, I could not help but reflect upon the magnitude of the gathered wisdom and heritage therein. These were the men who shaped the Air Force as we have it today. Most of them are still quite active in service and leadership to our nation and a plethora of roles. I was asked why it was that I volunteered to serve once again and the answer was easy. It is a rare opportunity to have an opportunity to interact with these leaders, not one to be passed up.

Bolling sits on the Potomac River. Looking north, one can see into our capitol itself, and across the river is Reagan National Airport. I took the picture to the right last fall standing on the bank of the Potomac.