Life Renews

It may seem strange for a cemetery, but as spring advances the entire grounds echo with life. The grounds are full of color, the flurry of wildlife, and beauty of deep rain cleared skies. Here are a few of several hundred photos I've taken in the past few weeks. I've decided to share some photos of the columbarium and our primary chapel as I haven't shown much of these here.

Fort Meyer has two chapels. We primarily use the older historic one for our chapel services, as it has a nice parking lot and is in close proximity to the back gate into the cemetery. It is very traditional inside with stained glass windows reflecting many aspects of honorable military service.

One day last week we had huge downpours in the morning that began to clear by early afternoon giving way to huge billowing clouds in a pristine blue sky.

On my way home out of the cemetery I happened by one of the army's caisson teams making their way from a late afternoon ceremony.

This black and white picture reminds me that sixty years ago, when burials of active duty casualties from WWII were conducted, the scene would not have looked that much different.

Here we make our way into one of the columbariums. I had several ceremonies here this week. For military members the ceremony starts under a covered portico where honors are rendered and concludes back in the niche area. For dependents, we do the entire ceremony back at the niche.

Inside the admin building, where families gather prior to ceremonies, there are two large planters that flank the marble steps going downstairs. The contents change according the season of the year. Now they are filled with Easter Lillies, a silent bright reminder with their trumpet shaped blossoms that the trumpets that ring over the fields of Arlington are not the last trumpets of those we bury, but that a final trumpet will ring that belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ and in Him all will be summoned from the grave on that final last day.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't share a close in shot of one of the beautiful cherry blossoms that fill the DC area.