New Duty Station

I've known my new duty assignment for a few months now - but come August I am heading to OSAN Airbase in South Korea. My family will remain here as I travel there unaccompanied for a one year tour. I wasn't 100% positive I was going to be able to keep these orders as I have been under the weather the past month or so with pancreatitis and then the flu this past weekend on top of it. (My entire family had the flu - none of us had the energy to get out of bed for very long last weekend.) I was so sick Saturday night I would have called an ambulance, but I couldn't get to my cell phone. But toward the end of this week I have started feeling much better.

Now OSAN is coming over the horizon and that right quick. I already have my plane tickets and was pleasantly surprised to find it is only a 14 hour flight. I expected worse. I will fly direct out of Atlanta which is nice not to have to deal with connecting flights oversees.

I'm trying to take some leave around my birthday to get down to see my Mom before I take off, but will have to see how busy we are as one of our chaplains also seeks a week off at that same time and my replacement will only have been here for a week or so, so it would be way too soon to throw him into the formal ceremonies at Arlington solo. I'll have to wait and see.

The above photo is captioned on the original sight with the motto from Osan - ready to fight and win tonight.