Vulcans Memorialize Reedy at Arlington National Cemetery

(Federation of Planets News Service) Stardate 072909.2200

The entire Vulcan contingent of the United States Air Force Chaplain Corp beamed in to memorialize the final days of Chaplain David Reedy of Arlington National Cemetery, as seen in the photo of the ceremony above. The Senior Vulcan Chaplain, Chaplain Colonel Charlak Stukks presided over the laying of a memorial stone on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery assisted by Chaplain Captain Brain Swock. In attendance were Chaplain Assistants Mistok and Megalak as well as C.Leeok, the High Assistant to the Vulcan Administrator. Sources tell us that never before have Vulcans conducted services at Arlington. We are told that it is a well kept secret that Vulcan Chaplains serve with the United States Air Force, but demonstrate the Air Force Chaplain Corp's commitment to meeting the needs of their air and space forces.

Now for the rest of the story. It is well known around the office (especially since my version of our database that I designed is a star trek LCARS interface that utilizes the voice of the computer from the original series) that I am a Star Trek fan, so the staff got together and presented me with a framed photo that had a few adjustments as seen above. You can click the photo for a larger version. Check out the wording on the stone but especially the ears. I love it!

My official going away was Tuesday at lunch, though I have funerals Thursday and Friday yet and Friday is my last day in the office. Tuesday works best for our get togethers as we don't have ceremonies on that day. It was a great send off and I was deeply touched by many kind words and gifts of thoughtfulness from my co-workers, the Arlington ladies, as well as the cemetery staff and folks from the 11th OG and 11th Wing. I will truly miss my time here at Arlington. It is a very special place to serve our nation and her grieving families and it is made even more special by the extra special people I have worked with.

I'm on a bird to Korea in one week.