White Blankets

Osan is wrapped tight in a white blanket of snow. It snowed last week and we've gotten a bit more and the cold has lingered so it hasn't melted. We are expecting more snow this week, which will make things more interesting for our quarterly exercise. This is my last full week before I get to travel home and see my family for the first time since the summer. I am glad this is an exercise week, because it should make this last week go fast.

There are these beautiful evergreens right outside my dorm that truly are something to see with the snow all over them. These photos are taken form outside my dorm looking straight down toward our chapel. It has gotten interesting walking to the chapel though as our engineers purged the water system utilizing the fire hydrants and there is a nice sheet of ice on the road behind my dorm and between me and my office. Makes for a slow go there.

Rolled into exercise on duty. Was a busy weekend seeing folks, but again it has made the time go really fast. I'm finally ahead of the curve on some things having put a couple of major projects to bed and having several others wrapped up into the tweaking phase. I even have almost everything planned out for the National Prayer Breakfast later in March. All I have to do is execute upon return. Takes the stress off to know things are done.