Back in the Saddle

My boss likes to describe Osan as jumping on and jumping off a high speed train. But for me it is more like riding a half trained horse that has lots of energy and stamina and will get you some place in a hurry, but you can't take your eyes of it for a minute. Let us just say, "I'm back in the saddle and moving at full romp".

I've been back from my mid-tour for about two weeks now. I am resting much better now that I know my daughter's surgery went well and she is now mostly recovered and on the mend. Last Sunday I was back in the pulpit. And while I truly enjoyed being at home and miss my family, I also missed not being in the pulpit. It was good to be leading services again. I have a great bunch of folks that attend the two services that I pastor here at Osan.

Moving full speed ahead (yes, echo from my navy days) on the National Prayer Breakfast. I can't wait. I know the guest speaker is going to be phenomenal as I have heard him speak and I know him from the time I served in D.C. Tickets are going like hotcakes.

Our staff took a day trip to Seoul for some team building which was quite enjoyable. Only the in military would I think that I, someone from the hills of East Tennessee, would experience an opportunity to eat first rate Chinese food in the capitol city of the Republic of Korea not only with Koreans and people born in American, but also someone from the Philippines and someone from Peru as well as (my goodness!) an Alabama fan.

Then I was on the road to visit with one of my squadrons that happens to be located in Daegu, about three and half hours from Osan. It was a cloudy day and the clouds had wrapped the rugged hills and mountains of the landscape tightly. But there was little participation. Strangely, it was cooler the further south we went.

On the way back we stopped at one of the rest areas (put rest areas in the States to shame). I had to get some of the famous Walnut cakes. I love these things. Walnut flavored dough on the outside with chocolate bean paste in the inside. Also bought some to share with the newcomers to our staff.