True Success Story

Our team at Osan Air Base is known for its readiness. Our Wing's motto is "Ready to fight tonight" and we are. Exercises here are full up and as realistic as we can make them and they are lots of fun. As a chaplain they provide me lots of opportunities to talk to folks and learn how they do their jobs when push comes to shove. It is always a reconfirming experience - we have some amazing airmen out here. The presence of our military forces in Korea has been a key factor in the amazing success of our Korean friends.

South Korea is a huge success story. When the communists sought to unify the country under a repressive dictatorship in the 50s they fought with all they had. By the time the war was over, the country was devastated. It had no true urban centers. No true infrastructure. Even the trees were erased from the landscape. Today as you drive through Korea, just 60 years later, you find an amazing prosperous modern country with a thriving economy and people enjoying a thriving democracy with a healthy respect for liberty. Equally encouraging for me personally is that in the midst of this fertile environment where religious liberty is safeguarded the Christian faith is thriving. Also driving through Korea you realize how beautiful a country this is.

But today I read an article that taught me that not only is the amazing Korean work ethic bearing fruit for their human society in its modern economic achievements and standard of living - but the environment has benefited from their work ethic as well. From the article: (By Michael Breen; Korean Times)

When foreign war veterans visit the battlefields in Korea
where they fought North Korean and Chinese forces 60 years ago,
they notice one enormous change in the terrain: trees.
They're everywhere.
The once bare hills of wartime Korea are now clothed in foliage.

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