First Month

A beautiful sunrise welcomed my family to the United Kingdom as we approached Heathrow International Airport.

We have been in the UK a bit over a month now. We have learned the art of navigating round abouts and the British banking system. I've been out to our large sister base at Lakenheath and also Mildenhall. We've wondered around Cambridge. Just this morning I had some great spicey Indian food with some a good friend and his wife who I know from Iraq. The last of my personal possessions arrive tomorrow. Ministries are starting to spin up and I'm getting into the groove of ministry here.
It took us about two weeks to find our home of the next few years - a quite cozy place tucked away in the community not terribly far from base.

One key highlight of the past month, I was honored to be invited to attend the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain commemoration held here. A sunset retreat with flyover by a Spitfire, it was memorable and solemn. It reminded me that here on this land the battle for liberty and indeed one might argue civilization itself, hung in the balance in those days.