News Report on Operation Outreach

Excerpts from a new article on Operation outreach include:

"Operation Outreach began in 2004 in an effort to forge stronger relationships with the local Bedouin populace that live around Ali Base, Iraq."

"'The goal of the program is to enhance base relationships with the local community and to foster communication and cooperation that can benefit force protection efforts,'" said Lt. Col. Charles F. Spencer Jr., 407th Expeditionary Support Squadron commander, deployed from Andrews. Colonel Spencer is also the 1st Airlift Squadron commander."

"The base chapel community has given monetary donations of more than $2,100, said Chaplain Reedy. Donations have been used to purchase needed items and to pay for postage. Also, approximately 70 pairs of sandals were purchased through donations. The commissary also worked with the vendors to donate 400 care packages consisting of toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo and chocolate candy bars. Andrews Officers' Spouses' Club donated stuffed animals."

Read the entire article about "Operation Outreach" in Andrews newspaper "The Capital Flyer" here: article