March update

Where to begin? I finished the basic chaplain course in the middle of February and returned to Andrews to get back to work. The chaplain course was outstanding with many useful training elements. I have to admit that out of all the professional and academic training that I have had, these were some of the most powerfully packed weeks I've experienced. The deployment field training was a highlight, but the counseling and intervention segments were outstanding as well. I was blessed to be surrounded by some bright talented chaplains as fellow students. I hope to get the chance to serve with some of them in the future. The instructors were first rate. I managed to get in quit a bit of PT winning the class PT award and coming within 3 seconds of maxing the PT run time. I've never come that close before, but as I get older the requirement gets lower and so far I haven't gotten slower, but I figure that is due to change soon.

Returning to work I found that many of our chaplain staff will be leaving either retiring or leaving the service for civilian work or moving to new assignments. That leaves us short handed through the summer with the summer months to be very tight. But we are expected to have new people coming in. As a result I find myself quite busy with various things from counselings to representing the chapel at various functions. I'm also putting together the Easter Sunrise service which is quite a big celebration I have found out. It is a tremendous blessing to be part of a team that loves to work together. I'm getting a great deal of help from our civilian staff. Our chaplain assistants are always there to depend on as well.

I found myself quickly back in the scheme of things ministering to the family of an airman in one of my units who was killed in DC while defending a friend from an assault, to a young couple one of whom is very sick, and to a parent with a very sick child.

So I am preparing myself for a very busy spring and summer with more training to come for deployment and a possible deployment later this year.

There is one thing I really dread about deployment -- you gotta see it to believe it! CAMEL SPIDERS. That don't call em that for nothing. click here to see one