A place for chaplains in the desert

The picture is of Chaplain Captain Tate who was one of my instructors when I went through the Air Force chaplain orientation course at Maxwell Air Force base earlier this year. He is now in middle of the war providing pastoral are. The setting here is one of our emeds (an emergency medical hospital.) EMEDS are fully equipped and highly portable. They are what Hawkeye wish he had in MASH.

This is an important and vital ministry, one I shall have the opportunity to participate in someday soon. I found this link to a three part video series on how incredible the medical care is for our wounded called "The Lifeline". Remember too, that Andrews is the first stop on the return home for these guys. It is an incredible privlege and honor to serve and minister to the wounded as they come home. The link for "The Lifeline" is here. If you haven't already, I would encourage you to add these brave men and women to your daily prayer list.