Some changes

There has been a bit of a change around here at Andrews. I returned from CST to a new wing. I am now part of the 316WG rather than the 89th. Our wing symbol is the Griffon, which symbolizes the strength of the lion with the speed of an eagle. I also like to think it indicates that we are equally strong and able to accomplish our mission on the ground or in the air. I believe sometimes people have the impression the Air Force is not composed so much of warriors as the other services and that the only combatants are our pilots, but nothing could be further from the truth. I would stack our security forces against those of any other service. Our special forces units are often the first ones on the ground, setting up landing zones. Our people are running convoys and conducting operations just as other branches. The Griffon truly symbolizes the Air Force mission and our mission at Andrews -- warriors who are deadly competent and equally fierce on the ground or in the air.

The 316th is part of the AFDW (Air Force District of Washington) that has been formed linking the various Air Force assets in the captial region. I've also been assigned to a new unit -- the communication group here at Andrews, though the chaplain who is leaving this unit is still here for a bit yet. I'll probably pick up responsibilities for this unit in full shortly before I deploy. This illustrates the growing need for flexibility among our staff as incoming staff will have to cover for my units in my absence.

We have two chaplains who have arrived in recent days and another in bound in August.

The next couple of days will be especially busy as I engage in the reintegration process for a number of people who are returning from deployment to the Middle East from our 316 Civil Engineering Squadron of whom I am proud to be their unit chaplain. (CE ROCKS!)

Lots of counselings and visitations as well as some administrative taskings continue. Great work to do though.

You can read more about our new wing standing up here.