Back in the saddle again

This week I returned to work after a very nice 14 days of rest and recuperation following my recent deployment to Iraq. It was good for the entire family as I was able to not only spend some good quality time with my wife but also with my children.

Today I had my first service with the parish I've been assigned to oversee. It was good to see these people once again. They gave me a very warm welcome home. There are a bunch of great folks out there. Mostly retired military with a good representation of our Andrews folks, they have been very dedicated to attending services.

I presented my wife a flag during the service which was flown on a medivac from Kirkuk during my deployment as a thank you for her work with getting Little Debbie cakes to the desert. I made sure our EMEDS folks stayed well supplied.

I've got several projects already on the burner for this spring including an upcoming Ash Wednesday service and coordinating our chapel response for the Joint Service Open House, a huge airshow sponsored by Andrews. I will say that life is so much nicer this time around compared to last year. We were so short staffed last year that I felt like a chicken running around with his head cut off. It is nice to be fully staffed for a change. We've got a good mixture of diversity, but I think we make a good team. I look forward to working more closely with some of the new faces.