Andrews Ministry

As I wrote before, I was back into the saddle after a couple of weeks off to get used to not being in a war zone, though DC has some similarities. The horse quickly took off at a gallop. I am in the final stages of getting my new office ready over in the Civil Engineering squadron. I'm truly looking forward to being in the midst of these fine folks.

I am once again working on organizing our chapel team's presence at the Joint Service Open House this next year. We hope to be holding our joint Protestant service out on the flight line this time. I have to say that our chaplains and enlisted personnel are truly making a fine and effective team thanks to the hard work of our leaders. My fellow chaplains and staff are a joy to work with. I look forward every day to going to work. I enjoy their sense of humor but also their dedication and commitment to excellence. I especially appreciate that we can depend on each other in our working together to get the mission accomplished. Couple this with some truly fine and outstanding folks coming to our services and the powerful opportunities for service to our airmen and you have the best job in the Air Force. Our team is starting to make our vision happen for the chapel to be the focal point for spiritual growth and wellness.

Last week we hosted the National Prayer Luncheon with the Air Force Chief of Chaplains. He gave a tremendous message. I truly believe the event was a blessing to all in attendance.

Last Friday night I felt as though I was reconnecting to my ministry in the desert. I was at the ASF, the medical facility that receives the wounded. I visited with every one of those who spent the night with us, some briefly and some for more extended periods of time. While I have done this before, and there are similarities to the hospital ministry I had in Cincinnati, I look at the experience a bit differently now having been at the side of wounded men and women in an emergency facility in the middle of the war. These truly are American heroes. I am very proud of the job that my fellow Air Force personnel do in providing care to these wounded troops. It is nothing short of outstanding. I'll be there again tomorrow night visiting with whoever is spending the night with us.

I've been giving a tickle that I could be looking at a new assignment in the next six months or so. That's all I can say right now, but I've come to trust God's direction and provision over the years.