Kicking up the pace

This week turned out to be one of fairly high tempo. I anticipate the next month and a half until I transfer to Arlington to be more demanding. Our staff has shrunk by two people and I have picked up additional duties. Plus we had some unexpected items pop up this week.

Our staff was a little thin as our Wing Chaplain had just transfered and the next ranking Chaplain was TDY. We had a request to provide support for a funeral for Sen. Craig Thomas. I serve as the chapel's coordinator for funeral services. With the help of our team stepping up and rapidly making things happen along with some excellent above and beyond help from other Andrews folks like our 316th CES squadron, the chapel was ready and shining for the event. My wife even had the privilege of playing for the service.

I will be supervising a Chaplain Candidate for the next month for his annual tour. I'm looking forward to this opportunity to further expose and mentor a future minister.

I will be running point for the IDS and CAIB. IDS is composed of representative of selected offices specifically directing resources to enhancing the lives of our airmen. The CAIB is a higher level commander driven organization which is briefed by the agencies of the IDS, but ultimately sets the direction and policy. The IDS then serves as the action arm carrying out the plan. The Chapel is in charge of facilitating the CAIB at the moment, which will give me busy few weeks getting ready for our July meeting.

On top of this there is housing privatization for Andrews. We were planning to just stay and I was going to take the Metro to Arlington. We like having neighbors who share a common lifestyle with us coupled with the convenience of the commissary and BX. But we found a house in Arlington that has twice as much space, is 4 miles from the cemetery, and whose school systems runs circles around the schools we would utilize here. So we will also be moving in July.

So I a full and fruitful six weeks to come.