Top half great so far

It has been a great week so far. It started with my chaplain candidate coming in. He is a seminarian who is finishing up his education. Chaplain candidates do two month long tours for training and exposure at various installations. The one I am supervising is off to a running start, largely because he is experienced already being prior service and having some time as a candidate already in place. I am going to truly enjoy the experience of mentoring him.

My endorser stopped in for a few days as well. We were able to spend some time talking over ministry yesterday evening at dinner. Today he met with my Wing Commander and my supervising chaplain. It turned out to be a very nice visit that I hope was as much a source of encouragement to him as it was to myself and the folks I work with.

I have a special briefing on Friday as the Air Force IDS Chief is here to hear what our IDS team is doing at Andrews. And Saturday looks to be great fun as a bunch of DC area AF chaplains are going deep sea fishing together. I hope to catch one this big: <:-----------------------------<

Hopefully not a <:----^------<