If you are reading this....

This weekend I made my way back up the I-81 corridor in the Shenadoah valley to visit my mother who is making a strong fight with cancer. Mom is one extraordinary woman. She grew up in a very small town in Virginia, not too far from the Shenandoah. I was refreshed by the beauty of spring in the valley as wild redbuds and dogwoods were blooming out everywhere. It seemed right to dial in the local country stations. Country music seems to me to off a slower more deliberate take on real and meaningful life issues.

I must confess, after a few days in the beauty of the Appalachian mountains that I was feeling homesick for my family and the places where I grew up. But listening to those same Country music stations on the way home, I was reminded just how real life is and how important is the service to my fellow airmen and soldiers, especially in this time of war and sacrifice. I heard for the first time, a song by Tim McGraw entitled: "If you are reading this..."

After you read this post, if you haven't heard the song, I'd encourage you to dial into youtube (I'll give you the link) and take a listen.

But if you are reading this:
...have you hugged your kids today or told them how much you love them?
...how long has it been since you slowed down and told you wife/husband how much he or she means to you?
...when was the last time you took a moment just to reflect on the gift of life, the people you share life with, and the wonder of the world around you?
...when was the last time you took a walk, enjoyed the singing of birds, read a good book?
...have you prayed for a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine today and thanked God for the service of those who stand between those who would harm us and our valleys and towns?
...finally, have you prayed for the spouses, children, and parents of those who could have written the words of the song?

Now... if you are finished reading this, the song is here.