What is 104?

The number of presents I (we) received? The amount of money we spent? The number of dinner guests we had? The combined number of pounds we all gained? Nope... none of the above.

Try my wife's temperature. My entire family is sick. My spouse is camped out in bed with the stomach flu. My youngest daughter has occupied the downstairs couch and has strep throat and pink eye (that was 2 trips to the ER, one on Christmas Eve and the other today). My oldest is floating around but still recovering from walking pneumonia.

I am thankful that it didn't all kick in until after we made candlelight services last night. We visited the local congregation in Alexandria last night, which has turned out to be the highlight of the Christmas holiday for us. This is the first time I've fed my kids McDonalds on Christmas and partaken myself of a protein bar. I looked at the ingredients in the fridge, but didn't have a clue how my wife was planning to assemble them, and didn't have a great deal of confidence in my ability to follow up on her plan anyway...so I'm thankful McD's was open until 2pm today.

The biggest impact for us is likely that our trip to Tennessee to visit my mother and then to Dollywood is likely off. We'll see how the weekend progresses.