Korean Friends

Great day today. Took our monthly chapel trip to a local orphanage today, where I made many new friends, including the young lady pictured here. She was so cute.

All the kids were great and we had a great deal of fun playing with them for a couple of hours.

I've also included some shots here a snapped on our trip home. The two distance shots are of the neighborhood right outside the gate, where I frequently go to shop or eat. If you look close at the street images you can see street vendors and markets set up. Everything is very tight here and driving on Korean roads is really a constant game of chicken.

Lastly is a picture of one of my airmen who I recently took through Lutheran confirmation. I was able to push him through and confirm him just before he took off for his next duty assignment. I'm going to miss him. Great guy. His going away was at a local Brazillian steak house. Lots of food - mostly various versions of beef. It was a good thing I worked my legs hard the day before and needed all that protein in my system. Gives entirely new meaning to "beefing up".