Fed and Watered

My wife asked me this morning if I was able to have Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday? I can truly say I have been well fed and watered the past few days. Wednesday I had three events and Thursday I had two.

They were all a great deal of fun as well as it was a chance to rub shoulders with most of the airmen I am caring for in a more relaxed atmosphere than usual. Got to try some great food as well as the traditional favorites. Had some very good ham and some incredible pumpkin bread as well.

Last night, the 25th had so much food left over, that I and a couple of pilots and one of the pilot's wives made a major food run to the fire hall and then out to the army personnel who were standing watch last night. Visitation, especially on holidays, is so important for these young men and women who are so far from home and family. Many times their watch places are removed from the center of things and they can feel forgotten. But they are not. As I told one very young army soldier, I sleep better knowing that they are always there taking care of business so the bad guys can't ever sneak in.

Went out and did some Christmas shopping today. Mixed into the mess that is outside the gate there is some very reasonable and high quality shopping. The wise shopper here takes his time, doesn't buy the first one they see, and does their research and asks questions -- how is this made? What is it made out of? Etc...

Actually off today - an entire day - an not on duty either. Tomorrow, I only have to do my sermon. I am relishing the time to relax and catch up on a few personal items.