One of my favorite literary techniques is the art of foreshadowing, which I first learned about during Advanced Placement English my senior year of high school. Today was sort of a day that felt like foreshadowing to me. It has been a sad day in many ways as I spent my last hours at home with my wife and children. It had me sort of thinking that this must be a bit what it feels like when one knows he is coming toward the end of his life and has limited time left.

It is harder leaving this time than it was in August. I think I am more aware of what I am missing in my family's life, things that I will not regain. My girls are growing leaps and bounds.

My little one is going through rites of passage like loosing her teeth. My oldest is also growing up fast and I am missing her band concerts and debate competitions.

My kids are not the only ones changing. I grew out my beard when I first got home. Boy has it changed - sort of gray now - hair too - this is the longest I've had my hair in awhile. I couldn't take it. As soon as we got back from Tennessee I shaved it off and cut my hair.

We visited some friends where we used to worship that we have not seen for a few years. They have changed too. The older I get the more I recognize how fast time flies and how little time we do have on this earth. But the upside of that is that the next six months are likely going to pass as quickly as the last six did.

So tomorrow I am on an airplane headed back to duty. And I pray to not have to sit next to some fat movie director who thinks because he is rich and famous he can sit in my seat too.

Yes, being a former fat person myself, I have strong opinions about this story circulating through the news these days. I heard something about a group that is working for "fat acceptance". While there is plenty of room for education and sensitivity so that abuse and bullying, especially in school, becomes a thing of the past - I truly hope that people don't loose sight that being grossly overweight is a harmful thing not a good thing. What Southwest did, in my opinion, was not bullying, but holding someone accountable for decisions he had made about his lifestyle and weighing his situation with the fact there are other passengers in his row. Just my two cents on that.