Dae Dun San

Monday was a great day to be a born and bread Tennessee hillbilly as our chapel staff tackled some steep rocky out crops in South Korea. This is Mt Dae Dun San. For April, it was a bit chilly and the cherry blossoms are still sleeping here. But as we the final four of us made our way to the top, the sun broke out and the view was incredible.

A fairly stable cable car took us about 1/2 way up the mountain. Then we began a steep ascent to this swinging (yes it swang) bridge.

Then up this steep ladder, climbing between two rocky projections on the side of the mountain.

Here is part of the ascent from the tram up to the bridge. The steps were not typical of the rest of the trip up.

This is a view of the entire mountain from the base where we parked.
At the top the view was astounding. Looking down on the knoll we climbed to reach the ladder, it all looked incredibly small. It didn't take too long to reach the top though. Not really that far in distance but it was straight up (and straight down). Going down was harder than going up.

Then those of us who climbed to the top visited the little shops on the street as we waited for those who didn't want to tackle the full climb to finish up their refreshment. There were nice looking shops and restaurants. Ate some fried ginseng root here. This is a popular treat in Korea. Supposedly very healthy for you. Tasted like deep fried tree root. Lots of fiber.

We stopped for lunch/dinner at a very relaxing restaurant in the area. I had my traditional Be Bim Bop, but I did try this for the first time --- octopus.

It actually wasn't bad covered in pepper sauce. It doesn't have much flavor on its own and is just a bit chewy.