Favorite Things in Korea

Ok, I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do is stop for a restroom break at one of Korea's infamous rest areas. These really are little travel adventures in themselves. First is the adventure of getting into the busy parking lot and then threading through the traffic to the maze of shopping and restaurants that awaits. Fortunately most places are dual labeled in Korean and English. I don't understand the custom, but all the men's rooms are quite open visually to the public. You can look right in and see the urinals as you walk past. One I've stopped at even had the urinals tangent to a large picture window looking out over a river. Little privacy for the men's side of the house. Can't speak to the women's, though I been told that can be an interesting adventure too.

But the real adventure is exploring what you can find. There is all sorts of unique Korean foods available in the little restaurants. Convenience stores carry their version of treats and snacks. Most are much healthier than ours, but I have yet to find a diet coke there. Usually nice coffee shops, but serving are 1/2 the size of what we would be used to. But the best are the Korean Walnut Cakes. Little bite size breaded pastries with chocolate bean paste inside that are actually the size and shape of walnuts. These are delicious and cheap for what you get.

I say I need a potty break but what I really need is my Walnut Cake fix.