O Almighty and gracious God, today as we close our remembrance of this dreadful day on which many things changed, our thoughts and our prayers go out to each and every family member or friend who has lost a loved one in this long war on terror. We recall those who stepped forward and became heroes as they ascended stricken towers to assist the wounded and fearful, many of whom never came home. We remember those struck down where they worked in the pentagon. We recall those heroes who sacrificed their lives in a field in Pennsylvania as they took back their plane. Lord we pray for the families of all those who grieve.

And our thoughts turn not just to that day but to these past ten years. We give thanks for our nations’ heroes who have raised their hand to defend our constitution and our nation. We give thanks for our allies who with us have made great sacrifices in this noble struggle for liberty. And we remember the fallen and their wives and husbands, their children, their mother’s and fathers. We remember the folded flags presented into the hands of loved ones who would rather have back their warrior but never will. Be with these families as they grieve. We remember those who are right now in harm’s way still fighting for liberty against our enemies. We pray for their safety. We pray for success and victory in their mission. And most of all we pray for peace and for the transformation of human hearts and minds from hatred to love and mutual appreciation. But until that day fill us with resolve and endurance to remain steadfast and faithful in this noble struggle until that day of peace comes.

Send us forth to serve. Watch over our forces in battle, watch over our families in our absence, bless those who mourn and bless our great lands.
In the name of the One True God we pray… Amen

Sept 11 Remembrance Ceremony, RAF Molesworth
9 SEP 2011