O Almighty and gracious God,

Move our spirits and minds today to profound remembrance on this tenth anniversary of 11 September 2001.  We remember the tragic and dreadful images of that day:  people jumping to avoid fire, crumbling towers, a burning   pentagon, and a smoking crater in what should have been a quiet field in Pennsylvania.  We are humbled by the reality of what is possible in this world and so we ask for your grace, your guidance and your blessing.

Bless the families of the 2,977 people killed ten years ago today.  Comfort all for whom this day is a day of deep sorrow and loss. 

We remember the selfless sacrifice of  New York Fire fighters who ascended buckling staircases  into the flames to rescue who they could.  We remember New York police officers and Port Authority Officers who lives were sacrificed.  We remember those killed on duty at the Pentagon.  And we remember the innocent victims, including 8 children,  whose aircraft were turned into instruments of death.  We beseech your blessing for their families as they too remember.

And Lord we are especially humbled by the  heroes of flight 93 who took back their plane and sacrificed their lives in a field in Pennyslvania that no one else should die. 

For no greater love has anyone than to lay down his life for his friends.

Humble us.  Instill in us such a spirit of courage and resolve as we not only look  back, but forward.  For …

We remember not just the first day but each  day of these past ten years in the long war on terror.  We pray for the families who have received into their hands a folded flag following a bugle’s hallowed call signaling a nation’s tribute  and sadness at a warrior’s death.  We pray for the wounded in body and the broken in spirit.  We bow our heads and remember the cost to defend liberty.  Bless all for whom this day is day of deep grieving. 

Shelter all who are in harms way.  Uphold all who have stepped forward and given oath to defend freedom. Grant us resolve and endurance. 

Most of all we pray for the transformation of hearts and minds from hatred and fear to love and understanding.  we pray for peace. 

Send us forth to serve. Watch over our forces in battle, watch over our families in our absence, and bless America and her allies that we remain faithful and true to all that is good and just.

In the name of the One True God we pray… Amen

Sept 11 Ten Anniversary Remembrance Ceremony
RAF Alconbury, United Kingdom
501st Combat Support Wing
September 11, 2011