An Air Force Year to Remember

An article on states that for the Air Force 2005 was a year to remember. Certainly for myself, this was a year to remember: an "Air Force" year to remember. One year ago I was a parish minister in a very slow country setting of a small church. Today I'm part of a team that serves almost 10,000 folks. I've been through loads of training, done loads of counseling, and had the responsibility to make several large chapel projects happen. My family made a major move from the hills of Tennessee to the metro area of DC. I went from a job that offered little more than a slow pace to an exhilorating and demanding climate. Rewarding -- that is how one can describe life in the Air Force as a chaplain. There is always something worth doing and the joy of knowing that what one does makes a real difference in the lives of people who are making a difference.

I suspect 2006 will be a year to remember as well. In one week, I'll depart for six more weeks of intensive training, including deployment training.

A couple of links for you to peruse to see what kind of stuff the Air Force is up to:

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A blessed happy new year to you.