A Quiet Night

Christmas Eve found our family at a Candlelight service at one of our chapels at Andrews. My daughters lit the Christ candle as we focused on the theme that Jesus the light of the world is already here and because of that hope shines bright. Hope for peace because of the one who is the Prince of Peace shines in our world. Hope that my job as officer and chaplain will soon be obsolete. There will be peace on earth and no more need for military or other such folks. There will be peace between God and people and no more need for shepherds of the flock for Christ will be here and all shall know Him.

Our choir did such a wonderful job with "Still, Still, Still" and our organist/pianist had the perfect touch in accompaniment. I especially enjoyed the harpist that the chapel contracted. She played music before the service, a special piece during, and accompanied our hymns. And the chapel was lit with candle light brilliance. It was truly an enjoyable experience leading this service.

Christmas Day, I'll be able to sit with my family in church -- the first time I've done that on a Christmas since my wife and I were first married. I've always been holding the services. Its nice to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds -- parishioner and one of the flock.

I have to put a plug in for our chaplain assistants. The rest of the base is on a four day stand down (mostly, no base ever completely shuts down), but our assistants were out there Christmas Eve and will be Christmas Day getting everything ready for the multitude of services offered in the Protestant and Catholic communities here on base. Many people sacrifice time with family, not just so Christmas can be celebrated, but so that the nation is kept safe. I know of many folks working today -- taking care of wounded, flying and maintaining aircraft, and more.