What Do Chaplains Do Anyway? Part 4

Chaplains care!

Chaplains care about the troops who they serve. Of course we are here to insure and facilitate the freedom of religious expression that our nation is built upon. But even beyond this, we have the opportunity to live out the calling of our Lord to love one another. The ministry of Jesus could certainly be characterized as a ministry of caring. Chaplains reach out in a variety of ways to show people that they are appreciated and cared for by their fellow Air Force community. Counseling and listening are just a couple of ways. Sometimes the chaplain will carry out hot chocolate in the cold of the night or early morning to those working in the cold. We drop an encouraging word, clasp a shoulder, or shake a hand wherever we get the chance. Yesterday, I had the privlege of doing an invocation/prayer for about 30 newly promoted airmen at our Wing's monthly promotion ceremony. It was inspiring to see the joy and eagerness in the faces of these men and women, some of them very young, as they take on additional responsibilities. Earlier that day, my supervisor put on his Lt. Col. leaves. His service to others has been recognized and he is on to bigger things and a wider avenue of service and responsibility.

Chaplains care: whether we are in the gym working out and stop in coversation, visiting a family of a deployed member, in a chow line visiting troops, by a hospital bed or carrying a litter on or off a plane, whether we stand saluting, or bow our heads in prayer -- we hope to convey to those who see and hear -- they are cared for: by God who created and redeemed them and by their fellow human beings with whom they work and for whom they serve.