Wreathed in Memories

Being a chaplain assigned to the 11th Wing here in DC has its perks at times. Today I had the incredible privilege of assisting in a wreath laying ceremony at the Air Force Memorial in honor and memory of the 84th Bombardment Group with the 8th Air Force. These fellows flew 170 combat missions over Europe flying out of England. Tremendous. This is their last reunion as many of the members are now quite elderly or have passed on.

Unfortunately, tropical storm Hanna reduced our program a bit today, but together we stood in the rain. I made a few comments about their service and thanked them. I also shared that they laid the foundation with their service for what is now the United States Air Force and that I consider that what we do today in many ways is a continuation of their tradition of service and an attempt to uphold the high standards and performance they laid down during that great conflict of the second World War. Following my comments and invocation, I snapped to attention, did a sharp about face, presented arms and sounds of taps rang out their the hallowed stones of the memorial site as a young sergeant for the Air Force Band played. We then dropped out salutes and the service was concluded.