Good Week

It has been a busy fast paced but good week. Team is currently second place in the entire SOS 09A class. The program is really starting to come together. We had job briefs this week and several other tasks. The brief was my favorite, because in 6-8 minutes I learned a great deal about what each one of my flight mates does in their day to day job. Some of them do some pretty awesome things. We've got a F-15 driver, a CROW, and a flight nurse who has flown wounded into Andrews, where I used to meet the wounded and take them into the ASF at the hospital there. Small worlds.

Played my first real game (sorry, operation) of flickerball today. We won.

Earlier in the week we tackled Project X. I found myself climbing a 4X4, hauling bodies over water obstacles on rather interesting weight bearing contraptations that we assembled, balancing on some pipes a good distance of the ground and so forth. Not for the timid. (Esp. at 43.) The ole joints are getting a workout.

If you are coming to SOS I will give one piece of advice. Be in physical condition. You will need it. You don't want to try to be doing it here.

And know your knots!

And stay calm. Be ready to adapt and perform under pressure.