Not Bad for an Old Man

Once again I'm the "old man". When I went through boot camp in the Navy, I was the old man at 24. At COT I was the old man turning 40 while I was there. And now at SOS I am the old man in the class at 43. So not bad for an old man. Today we had a physical fitness eval to make sure we can do the physical evolutions of the training. Ran my mile and a half in 11.23 and had 60 situps and 50 push ups in my minute time frame for each. I've slowed down a bit since my navy days when I could run between 9.45 and 10.15 (I have had one 10.23 since coming on active duty a couple of years ago).

I have a great flight!!! I marvel at the level of expertise of some of these operators - flyers, Special Operations, Engineers, active and reservists: even an international officer. Motivation is high. A great diversity of career fields and great expertise. I think it is going to be a great ride! Our flight instructor from SOS itself is a man who flew on looking glass for some time. He has already been great to us and got us off to a great start.