It is almost 1am in the morning here on Friday and I have arrived at Osan. Actually hit Korea about 163o local time. Fairly simple process to get through the airport to the shuttle to the base, though the cab drivers are very aggressive about trying to get your business as I was warned. I was pleasantly surprised to find that one of the chaplain assistants I will be working with that I knew from DC was also on my flight as he was returning from leave. Nice to have some company in a new country. A large part of our chapel team turned out to welcome me upon my arrival on the base. I am very happy that I have a room on base as many are staying at local hotels. I can tell already that it will be a very busy time but I am looking forward to the diversity and challenges here.

I will say that the dynamics of a 1 year absence from family is quite different from a four month or even six month absence. I think it hit us all harder yesterday when I departed than we anticipated. But thanks to Skype, I think we will survive.