Korea has some big spiders. And lots of them. We had a burger burn for one of my units last week and this big fat spider about the size of a walnut in his body has a web running between two buildings. And then in the corner where these little yellow and black stripped spindly spiders that stretched out about the size of one's palm. Gives me the willies.

I have finally moved into my permanent quarters on base, fairly comfortable. It is a two room efficiency type apartment. I am pleased to have a kitchen and my internet service back so I can communicate with my family back home. These past two weeks have flown by. It is hard to think that shortly I will have been here three weeks already.

Tomorrow one of the civilians who has been working for the chapel for many years will receive the prestigious Spirit of the 4 Chaplains award. This is a huge award and only given once annually. It says a lot about the civilian staff we have. They are a great bunch of folks.

I am starting to get to know folks and the program here and make some connections with others around. Always lots to do to get connected and spinned up so one can get the mission done. This is a fast paced place.

Now I'm headed for bed as I am up 0 dark thirty for PT. Actually looking forward to it.