First Sunday Services

I led my first services here at Osan today, the early liturgical service and the morning traditional service. I was pleased to learn that there are a number of Lutheran folks in both congregations. The musical director has done an outstanding job. She has a voice like an angel and leads a small but dedicated and skilled choir. A good bunch of folks in general. I enjoyed being back in the saddle again.

Visited the commissary here for the first time yesterday. I'm not going to starve by any means. Very nice. I started to order some items from Walmart for my digs figuring they might be here about the time to move in, but when I saw the shipping cost was more than the items combined I decided to go without. The BX here is ok. I've never been terribly impressed with the selections offered by base BXs but for a situation like here it is fairly good and is tax and shipping free so that part is good. There is a Starbucks here but it is pricey. I'm looking forward to getting my household goods so I can make my own frappucinos.

Making my way through inprocessing. Got most of the big rocks out of the way. Tomorrow I plan to tackle organizing and cleaning out up my office. I also have an invocation for a dedication of a refurbed dormitory here on base.

It has been very hot and humid but at least the monsoon rains have not slammed us like they often do this time of year. We had some rain with the remnants of the typhoon that past through, but it wasn't too bad.