LABOR Day Weekend

This weekend certainly lived up to the name "Labor Day". I'm bushed. We had a large Protestant service this past Sunday. Saturday I thought I would give my brother chaplain a hand with food preparation. I wound up in a freak accident with a bean can lid which swiped my leg and left me with four stitches. (I was the first person this particular tech had ever sown -- she had someone teaching her.) Sunday was a very long day by the time setup, service, and clean up were done. Hardly any of the blasted beans were eaten. We poured them in a trash bag and put them on the back of the truck, where they promptly fell to the ground with a large splat when the driver popped the clutch. I won't be dissapointed if I don't see another baked bean while I'm here.

Which is entirely possible.

Monday my boss invited me to come along to go eat Shabu Shabu. Its a bit hard to describe. It turned out to be a cook your own meal which consisted of very thin sliced beef, so thin it instantly cooked in the boiling beef broth, a mound of bean sprouts and other assorted green lettuce leaves, hot pepper and teryiaki sauce (still haven't figured out how to spell that yet), and rice balls in some lettuce.

The drive to the restaurant was an adventure. The boss's GPS speaks Korean. The boss doesn't. Traffic is like a constant game of chicken in some places and thread the needle in others. I picked up my Korean driver's license today. I hope I don't have the opportunity to utilize it.

We were visiting the city of Suwon, which was a mixture of poverty and age as well as brand new modernity. I saw a place where someone was growing mellons and curing peppers on their tin roof and in a few moments saw brand new high rises going up.

After dinner, which was quite good in-spite of two large raw shrimp that kept staring at me (not my thing), we visited the fortress wall that surrounds the old city. Quite a interesting and lovely hike even if it was threatening a bit of rain.

After dinner we walked a bit. Stopped at a bakery. On the street I bought some cinnamon like waffle circles - quite good and very cheep. Big bag for about 75 cents. Then we bought a bag of little yogurts (great frozen) from a "yogurt lady" again a dozen for about 75 cents. Dinner itself was only about eight dollars, and the restaurant and its service was outstanding.

Saturday there was a ribs and blues festival which also featured native Korean dancing, which was a new experience.