Moving In Day

My household goods caught up with me finally. There is no predicting how long it will take things to get to Korea from the US. For example, my wife mailed me some cookies and a few other things just a few days after I left and they didn't arrive until Sept 1st. She mailed me a uniform on a Friday and it was here the following Monday.

My household goods arrived 3 weeks ahead of schedule, due in a large part I believe to the diligence of the person who was managing my account. She kept pinging the shipping folks asking when my stuff was going to get airlift out of Travis. And it sped through customs, which is unusual, but perhaps they were tired of getting her email. Anyway, have all my cold weather gear, my books, and my computer equipment that I need for ministry here. My room now has a few of the comforts of home, minus my family of course.

Had some computer issues today that kept me from Skyping my family on video. Vista updated to my laptop and disabled my sound driver. Had to do a re-install, which proved a bit challenging since Vista kept wanting to install a generic driver that would not activate my built in microphone, but finally got it up. My computer has not been the only one quirky. Have worked on 2 of my fellow chaplains computers.

We have a four day weekend, but we are not really off. We are preparing for a big worship service on Sunday. Tomorrow I am going to help a brother chaplain and some volunteers prepare a bit of food. To be honest, I'd rather have something to do than just sit around anyway -- so not having much off time hasn't been that bad. I've been here a month and it has flown by.

Had dinner with my supervising chaplain last night in one of the new apartment towers on base, 7th floor. You can really see the countryside from up there. Beautiful. Watched the sunset. I wish I had had my camera up there. It was incredible.