Christmas in Osan

Christmas Day has come to Osan. Last night was incredible in many ways. We had a huge Christmas Eve candlelight service which turned out to be packed, every seat filled. We even had the Secretary of the Air Force with us in worship. Service was complimented by a Korean brass quintet and the incredible talent of our own choir. Its was truly a blessing to be here in worship with so many of my fellow airmen that I've gotten to know, though it would have been nice if my family could have been here as well. The Wing Chaplain had us over as well as our Korean guests for soup afterwards, which I truly appreciated as my planned dinner was whatever I could find to warm up.

But today I have a turkey breast I just took out of the oven. I was out late last night, much later than planned after something very important went missing out of my office and I had to see if it could be found, which it couldn't. Sad note an otherwise wonderful Christmas Eve. Had to have conversation with our Security Forces folks as I think someone may have entered my office. But this too shall pass.

Christmas day is a day for some rest. Going to kick back a bit and go to the gym later, after eating some Turkey. And then tonight I'm out and about with our Commander visiting the folks who have to work the holiday. I'm looking forward to this as visitation of this sort tends to be a great deal of fun.

I opened my gifts from family this morning (We are 12 hours ahead of the states). My kids sent me handmade pottery. So I made a cup of coffee with my oldest's gift and have my turkey resting on my youngest's gifts and my wife sent me some great DVDs which will make the weekend pass a bit faster. For being away from family, Christmas isn't going be too bad.