Great fun yesterday for the Pearl. S. Buck Party. Had around 100 folks in for the party. Lots of stuff. I planned out and organized the program. We had organized games and a huge bounce castle, which I had to check (when no one was around to see) to confirm it was safe and operational ;) Then we had a great traditional American and Korean lunch with Turkey and Bulgogi and Kimchee. The we had a very sweet young lady play the viola, a bunch of translators who did a skit with the shepherds telling the story (and they really got into it), then Christmas carols lead by my boss who also really got into it and did a great job -- had all the Korean children on stage singing carols in Hangul (Korean), and finally we told the story the Night Before Christmas in Hangul followed by a visit by an extra special Santa who passed out the many gifts donated by the folks here at the Osan chapel community.

Today I will be missing participating in a ritual I've done the past few years. Today they are laying wreaths at Arlington.