Love My Job

Snow peppered the ground last night and this morning making a nice blanket of white for worship today, though nothing like the snow that has covered the fire hydrant back in DC where my family are. Still we had a good crowd for both of my services today. And the music was outstanding.

I love my job. I had two TDYs this week - one to Kwanju to participate in a memorial service and the other to Daegu for visitation and ministry. Korea continues to amaze me at its beauty. I was reminded in many places of south east Kentucky as we traveled the highways south.

Christmas Eve Worship is looking to be something special as we are bringing in a brass ensemble as well as adding some great music by our own choir. My bosses talented daughters will also be with us.

Speaking of talent, or lack thereof, I was grabbed by members of the PACAF band who were performing in the BX to "play" with them. The instrument of choice: reindeer bells. I was never much one for percussion so who would have ever guessed my debut with the AF band would be on percussion. That's what I get for telling the rest of the brass ensemble that French Horns are the best instrument in the band!

They are by the way! Horns Rock!
Anyway, Christmas Eve is going to be a big production for a number of reasons. Am looking forward to it.

But as I said, I love my job. Sometimes you have to work your tail off, but it is the kind of work that you love doing. In my visitation with my airmen out in Korea I had several opportunities for heart to heart conversation on all kinds of topics. A couple of times people asked me why I would want to be an Air Force chaplain. That is easy. I get to be part of the lives of some of the most hard working, interesting, dedicated, inspiring, intelligent and caring people I have ever known. They invite me into their lives and in times of tragedy I cry with them and in times of joy I laugh with them (and sometimes get laughed at like when I am corralled into getting out on the dance floor - this old guy can't dance.) I am looking forward to getting home though.

My little girl sent me a homemade Christmas card. She told me Christmas would not be the same without me home and then on the back she said she wished all my dreams would come true. Well one won't because I can't be in two places at once, -- but one should -- I'll be home in a month to hug my girls close. But leaving them again will be hard, I suspect harder than the first time.

Off to the gym. That is my major relaxation activity when time permits.