Happy Thanksgiving

Boy was Thanksgiving a busy day. I put together a Christian Thanksgiving service as the main service the army put together was interfaith and isolated in the chapel on their more secluded side of the base. Our chapel is more centrally located. I used I Worship resources and created a tribute using the song "Thank You" and pictures of our troops. We had a good crowd and then people went off to try to get chow for the "big meal", which turned out to be quite a challenging evolution. There were huge numbers of army troops. Most of our AF personnel gave up trying to get into the dining facility. I was just glad I had protein bars from home in my office. Dinner was almost as bad. More protein bars. But I like them anyway. Got some great "mudpie" ones from Amazon.com. Amazon can be a lifesaver for morale for our folks sometimes.

In fact the entire week was busy. We had a distinguished vistor come through and look over our chapel operation. We had just briefed his team earlier that it was fairly quiet when we started taking rocket rounds. It never fails that I'm in the Dining Facility with a full bladder when we go to alarm red and get locked down. Once again though, no one was hurt.

I had several crisis counselings. I was invited to attend a Native American function (something meaningful to me even more because I have Cherokee blood) but had to push off because that day alone I had three counselings come in. Then it was off to the army side to put a showing in for the interfaith service. I was not asked to participate though.

Then yesterday a project I've been working on for six weeks suddenly took off like a rocket. The Group Commander has asked me to look into cleaning up a memorial site on base. I was advised the Iraqi Air Force will be tackling the project and was asked for support. So later today we'll be over there providing some muscle and equipment. Tonight though I should be able to wind down and rest. I've been invited to EMEDS for a BBQ and their town hall meeting. I trully enjoy time with these folks. I lead a Spiritual Support group with them on Wednesdays, and they are truly bright and insightful. I learn more than I am able to share.

So we've been full throttle since the weekend. I hope to take a day off Monday...need to do laundry.