Iraqi Friends

Today was a tremendous Day! I love my job.

I had the opportunity to have lunch with an Iraqi Army chaplain, an Iraqi Air Force Colonel, an Iraqi interpreter, an US army chaplain and his assistant. The conversation ranged over a variety of religious and social issues. Truly stimulating. We found we have much common ground in our hopes for our families, our people, and the nation of Iraq. It was a wonderful exchange I will always treasure the memory of.

Operation Little Debbie is growing tremendously. The following link is about how the city of Dayton Tennessee is really taking this project on:

I went through 12 boxes today alone at the chapel and have distributed cases of them out to the units. I'm actually getting requests now for boxes to take to various work centers. I started the week out with close to 200 boxes and am down to about 40. Plus all the other snacks. Being able to provide this little goodies to our guys is truly making a real difference in their morale.