Thank You!

I have to publically say thank you to some folks. Some I've mentioned before, but I'm going to start a sort of hall of fame because some have bent over backward to help in my ministry here. When I first arrived and learned of some of what was going on and saw some of the need, I sent out letter to some former congregations I've served or had a relationship and to some others. People have started to respond sending in school supplies for local children (Operation School Supplies) and hygene and snack items for our troops (Operation Aircare). So I want to publically thank:

Immanuel Lutheran Church of Hamilton Ohio
St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Cincinnati Ohio
Trinity Lutheran Church of Cincinnati Ohio.

So far, they have sent over 1,000 pounds of materials to support the chapel work here. It makes a huge difference for our folks knowing they are supported and not forgotten.

There are many other folks that contribute, individuals, other congregations and so forth, but these I single out to highlight here because I asked them to support my ministry through these programs, and they have done so. God's family is a team -- and teamwork is a great thing!